The project wants to analyse feelings and perceptions about the European Crisis through several art exhibitions.

Immigration is a very important part of the theme because it doesn't affect only the immigrants themselves. We believe that it is very interesting to collect different point of views about this topic.

The economic situation has been the main push factor towards the migration of thousands of people coming from developed countries but it is not the issue itself.

This situation is related to many other problems that need to be fought and solved. It has also created a cultural depletion, and the death of individual identity.

By creating artworks and exploring feelings and issues behind this crisis it will take a physical form and it won’t be possible to ignore the situation anymore. The artworks will be constructively identified, which will increase people’s awareness and will eventually lead to some positive changes.

It is all too easy to pretent that we are too small to make significant changes in the society that we live in, but lots can actually be done and art is definitely a great way to express opinions and to point out issues, as well as being very accessible to a wide audience.

Also we would like local people to better understand the reasons of this migration, as we believe that this will help to develop a stronger relation between the local community and the immigrants themselves.