Our Amazing Artists

Andy McIntosh 

Inspired by artists like Kurt Schwitters and Marcel Duchamp, Andy explores the beauty and renewable possibilities of found objects and the “readymade”. Over the last 10 years, his work has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including The RSA Annual Open and a collective exhibition in Taiwan. His last commission was a sculpture installed in Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

"My piece for this exhibition, called ‘Spectrum’, is designed to encourage thought on what it is to be a human being and what are human rights. The differences between these perceptions in ‘safe’ and ‘volatile’ countries can be vast."


Annie Higgen

She is a Glasgow-based poet and sound artist who works across different media and art forms. Her experimental practice aims for an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art and frequently incorporates forms of political and social activism. In her work, she alternates between more traditional forms of page-based poetic writing, digital media, and sound works. Previously working as a singersongwriter, she gradually moved to poetry and more experimental sound art and finished her MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway in 2014.


Janie Nicoll

Her work generally takes the form of site-specific installation using multiple digital images, which attempt to be visually engaging in a contentious or ambiguous way. She works with collage techniques, and digital photography to re-appropriate cultural references and signifiers within a process of translation, often creating an ironic dialogue with the viewer.  

Recent works have used what appears to be a low tech or homespun approach, to explore  imagery connected to the urban landscape, the machinations of society and notions of masculinity, rebellion, clannish-ness and fraternity.


Susanne Wawra

Susanne is a German visual artist and poet based in Dublin, Ireland. Susanne holds a Masters in English and Communication & Media from the University of Leipzig, Germany. After an exploration of work life in an international big name company, she decided to swap a secure career for life as an artist. The human condition is a recurring theme in her work. Particularly, she investigates "Weltschmerz" through painting, collage and video. Her work has been exhibited in Ireland and the UK, Germany, Italy and the US.


Nadiaki Der 

Nadia has studied Fine Arts and Agricolture with an MSc from Aristotele University in Thessaloniki and a MFA in Art, Space and Nature from Edinburgh College of Art. Her sculptural practice has developed work in video design and audio/visual installations. Her recent work is informed by experimentation into ritual experiences and meditation spaces. Using materials, light and shadows and natural sounds she transform spaces and re-invents them, creating spacial atmospheres in which the audience can engage with their inner selves and their relationship to the surrounding world. 


Susanne Lund Pangrazio

“In my practice I tend to explore how people deal with feelings of solitude and distance and what it does to us as human beings to fear the unknown. Within my work personal and common experiences are intertwined and build an uneven weave of thoughts, opinions and hope."

Susanne Lund Pangrazio is originally from Sweden but moved to Scotland in 2013. She obtained an MFA in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. She also holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Latin American Studies from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.



Pablo Llopis

"How do visual narratives produce new personal perspectives on reality?

I understand photography as a very powerful language to communicate ideas. I am interested in exploring the question of existence using my personal experience as a platform from which I seek for new ways to document reality. Because depiction can be a long process, I usually plan the image before shooting.

On the other hand, I have ethical concerns and I am critical about the subject I want to depict. I tell stories into the ideas of respect, equality and human understanding."


Francesco Tassi

Francesco Tassi alias Fratax is born in Modena in 1989. He has been drawing since his childhood and eventually became a caricaturist full time based in Stratford, London.  Fratax has also worked as graphic facilitator in Canada and illustrator of children books in London. He loves to get involved with cultural differences and indeed has earned a master degree in Anthropology and visual languages at the University of Siena, in italy. 


Marijo Alba

She studied art in Madrid and specialized in photography, metal work and painting. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines across Spain, i.e. photographs, drawings, posters and comics.

In this country Marijo studied Art foundation for one year at Lewisham College, London. She has participated in several exhibitions throughout the capital as a photographer. Moving to the UK has given her the opportunity to explore poetry and narrative with a group of women from South America and Spain. The name of this group is ‘El Taller de la Memoria’.



more will follow...