Strings Exhibition

Initially, the project was predominantly focused on the migration from Italy, Greece, and Spain. Due to the refugee crisis, and the alarming flux of migration from Syria, and Eritrea, we felt the need to create a connection with this situation, and wish to include some work specifically related to this topic. We want to highlight that migration is always something connected to the need of change, and also that the people that are escaping from those countries are exactly like us.

In June 2016 we developed Strings Exhibition for the Open Programme of the Refugee Festival Scotland. The exhibition aimed to generate a strong sense of solidarity within the community and a genuine human approach to the topic. Some of the artists involved have worked in the refugee camps in Greece, and Italy, while others have experienced the migration process from different perspectives.

More information about the exhibition and the artworks included can be found on

Walls Talk - Call for Participants

Wondering around your city you may be surprised to see that many walls are plenty of painted signs. Many people are protesting and looking for changes.

Normally these sort of signs are not very considerate as often seem to be only something that ruin the beauty of the cities. Although they are a strong expression of their citizens. 

We would like to invite you to send us photos of these signs around your city. A final artwork/collage will be created, changing the status of these signs and driving people's attention to their real meaning.

MEDIA: Photography

THEME: European Crisis, Social - Cultural Context


Everyone is welcome to apply, so whether you are a professional photographer or only an amateur we'd like to hear from you.

Selected parcipants will have their name on the final piece that will become part of our exhibition.

Please send your photo to

Proud to sponsor Teatro Magro

"SENZA NIENTE 2_ The President"

with Marina Visentini
directed by Flavio Cortellazzi 

The event will take place on the 3rd of December, 6.30 pm (45')

The Royal Scots Club
29-31 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE, Scotland

No stage. No identity. No money. No audience. Only four theatre monologues – nothing more.

Teatro Magro talks about the crisis of theatre and western culture, in an ironic and original way. After the monologue 1_the Actor, the president, through her own experience, composes a play about the condition of temporary and precarious, a typical issue of our time. 
Producing art is a profession. You can make it without scenography, without lights, without music. You can make it with nothing.

Why should you go to see it?
Because it is a sharp and stylish complaint of the upsetting current cultural scene in Italy. (Tramedautore 2013_Piccolo Theatre)