Our Incredible Special Projects

Fotini Gouseti - The Least Wanted Travel The Most

Society is the research field for Fotini Gouseti’s work. She often works on the seam (in)between ostensibly contradictory conditions, based on constant communication with the life surrounding her.

In the last three years Gouseti’s work has been connected with the financial crisis and the (inter)related historical, political, social and ideological conditions pertaining in Europe.

Fotini Gouseti (GR) is a visual artist and researcher based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She was educated at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece and completed her Master's Degree at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, the Netherlands in 2013. She has also attended studies of Social Anthropology at Panteion University in Athens, Greece.

Photo credits Rei Kakiuchi




"We are a non-profit association formed by a group of nine photographers that accompany the collectives to spread and document their actions. We distribute our images under Creative Commons open license and we never sell our photographs to the media mainstream.

Our positioning as photographers is clear: We are with those who suffer the consequences of violence caused by the economic and political power. We do not believe in objective journalism but in a honest one.

Since the early days of 15 M we saw the need to fill an information gap. We have seen too many lies and silence in newspapers and television. So we formed half-hegemonic front against official information."


Cadelasverdes - Spanish Dream

Spanish Dream is a project that proposes a critical approach to the economic crisis and its consequences.

The idea refers to the American Dream, as a symbol of a desire of everyone in the country, the definitive aim in life: to be the owner of a house.  

This dream broke and, as legacy, we have an invaded country with unfinished buildings and with few possibilities to be, premature ruins that are part of our landscape. Behind this, there is a hidden personal reality, individual and collective, that is part of our life and shows a pessimistic scene.



Tono Carbajo

Tono Carbajo’s  (Vigo. 1960) projects are based on  their own biography and his immediate surroundings. He uses different techniques depending on the initial idea of each piece. Video installations, painting, photography, assemblies or working with groups as Fotomovimiento defined his career over the years.

"Building new territories where to stay. Building territories where utopia is possible. Building platforms from where you can create. Because Art is the last lighthouse that can brighten up the world. The last place from where it is still possible to love humanity. The last territory where our collective memory and life can be preserved".


Giannis Papazoglou & Dimitris Katsenos - Syn Festival

Giannis Papazoglou
"Largely self-taught on how to draw and how to paint, it’s just an urge that drives me to
every artistic path so far. I have never used colours before and all my themes were in line
with the dark and fantasy art, using only black and white, until I met Dimitris Katsenos.

He has a very similar perspective with me when it comes to expressing ourselves via art, but completely unexpectedly we decided to create something totally different.There is no explanation to this. Two people one canvas and every colour there is on the pallet!! It is the first time we work with colours and the first time that we both think that two people
can work on a single piece of art simultaneously."

Dimitris Katsenos
"Throughout my life I have been driven to seek creativity by encompassing myself with a
quest of expressing and developing my artistic content. Inspired by the album cover
iconography, dark art & photomontage, the scope of my work is highly, if not exclusively,
constituted of a triangulation between Photography, Graphic Design and (digital)
Illustration. Largely selftaught, I pay particular emphasis on aesthetics and visual



more will follow...